Tuesday, January 02, 2007

VHI Announces Mora and Mora
The day after the firing of former Atlanta Falcons coach Jim L. Mora, VH1 announced the production of a new show, Mora and Mora. According to a VHI news release, "Mora and Mora will be the cornerstone of VH1's new pyschosportscelebreality lineup. In an approach that's part The Larry David Show, and part Flavor of Love, the father and son team will play themselves, as they team up to avenge the firing of young Jim Mora, by proving that Michael Vick is, indeed, a coach killer. The duo will also attempt to separate University of Washington coach Ty Willingham from his job, so that young Jim can succeed him, in what he has described as his 'dream job.'"

Jim L. (the son) and Jim E. (the father) will travel the country, investigating deaths of any coaches ever involved with Michael Vick, to try to uncover evidence of Vick's involvement. Simultaneously, they will employ different techniques to try to end Winningham's career as the Washington coach. In addition to trying to get Willingham fired, the duo will try to convince Notre Dame to fire Charlie Weiss and re-hire Willingham. An ideal scenario would be for the two to successfully encourage Michael Vick to kill Winningham, which would simultaneously prove the senior Mora correct in his assessment of Vick and open the door for the younger Mora to replace Willingham.

Viewers will see firsthand the marble-mouthed Jim E. Mora's explosive temper and tendency to blurt out whatever crazy thought comes into his head, as he drives his slow-witted son around the country, and the two try to reconcile their strained relationship. A sub-plot of the show will involve a pursuit of Pamela Lee Anderson, who Jim L. Mora has recently described as the "woman of his dreams." VH1 has so far been unsuccessful in getting Vick and Willingham to participate in the show. Accordingly, VH1 has cast Snoop Dogg to play Ty Willingham, and will rely on the network's biggest star, Flava Flav, to play Michael Vick. VH1 is also pursuing the possibility of getting both of the Moras involved in the next edition of The Surreal Life, which Jim L. has always described as his "dream job."


cleavers44 said...

But how is the dwarf from Austin Powers gonna fit in?

tadcranky said...

Is he a dwarf or an elf?

lovinlikea said...

yummy...I'd love to see the young Jim Mora anywhere.