Sunday, January 07, 2007

Jesus, Hold on to the Ball
It's been a bad few weeks for Tony Romo. First, he realized that the woman he's dating, Carrie Underwood, was responsible for the musical abomination, Jesus, Take the Wheel. And he had already thrown out Jessica Simpson's phone number! Then, last night. Last night was the kind of game that made me remember why I used to really love football. It's what I love about sports, when things happen that had previously been beyond the realm of your wildest imagination. Sometimes, like last night, right after another.

I feel bad for Tony Romo, I guess, and I'll admit to thinking about him this morning when I saw the last part of an ESPN crawler that said something about "found at the bottom of a cliff." Catching a snap and planting it seems like it would be a lot easier than fielding that grounder that Buckner missed. I'm just sayin'.

I seem to remember teams in similar situations as the Cowboys were at the end of this game deciding to go for the field goal on third down, in case something went wrong on the snap. It never did, which is maybe why coaches don't do it anymore. It seems like it would have been an especially good idea for the Cowboys, as they were dealing with Hands of Stone Romo, and Martin Grammatica is not exactly the most reliable of guys. I know the Cowboys were trying to kill as much time as they could, but what's more likely, that something like what Romo did would happen, or that that extra 15 seconds would be the difference and allow Seattle to score a last second field goal?

I hope Carrie Underwood is being supportive to Romo now, and not at work at a new single called, Jesus, You Screwed up Everything.

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