Friday, January 26, 2007

I Shot My Movers

(Based on a true story, and with apologies to J. Hendrix)

Hey-ay, Mr. Homeland Security
A-where you goin’ wit that gun a-yos?
Hey-ay, Mr. Homeland Security
I said where you goin’ with that gun in your hand?
I’m goin’ down to shoot the movers
You know I don’t like that new bedroom set


I’m goin’ down to shoot the Marlo movers
They been bangin’ up my paint with my new bedroom set
Huh! That ain’t too cool

A-hey-ay, Mr. Homeland Security
I heard you shot those movers down
You shot ‘em down

Hey-ay, Mr. Homeland Security
I heard you shot the movers down
They’re goin’ downtown


Yes I did, I shot ‘em
My ol’ lady doesn’t like all those dings in our walls

A-yes I did, I shot ‘em both
I told ‘em I know the County Executive
And then I gave ‘em the gun
I shot ‘em

Mr. Homeland Security, where you goin’?
Go get a new bedroom set,
Maybe wait for Presidents' Day sales

Ooh, dig this!

Ah! Alright!

Ooo-oo-ooo Mr. Homeland Security, where you gonna shop now
Hey-ay Mr. Homeland Security, look out!
Where you gonna find movers, now?
Where you gonna find, movers now?

Well, dig this
(Hey-ay-ay-ay-ay, Mr. Homeland Security)
I’m going way down south
Way down to North Carolina way
They got some outlets there, outlets there

(Hey-ay-ay Joe, where you gonna go now)
I’m goin’ way down south
I’ll just rent a U-Haul
Move the bedroom set my own damn self
Hire some guys hangin’ outside 7-11, outside 7-11

(Hey-ay, Mr. Homeland Security where you gonna go)
A-ain’t no Marlo movers comin’ for me
They ain’t getting near my stuff

You better believe, right now

I gotta go now

Hey-hey-hey, Mr. Homeland Security
You better head on down
Goodbye ev’rybody

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