Saturday, January 06, 2007

Nats Stadium Update, Part 2

Last week, my nephew Andy and I visited the site of the new stadium. We tried to get Andy positioned at the same place he was during our visit in September, and I think we pretty much got it. But you can't see much, except for a big wall that wasn't there last time. So we'll have to position him some place different next time.

Anyway, there's been a huge amount of progress, which you can observe better from this:

And this:

Kind of looks like a stadium, huh? It was very impressive, we walked around the whole thing. The surrounding neighborhood doesn't appear to have changed that much yet, Andy and I both thought it would have been cool to already have a bar or a restaurant set up. Andy also thought it would be cool if there were signs on the site, telling us what we're looking at.

We were both very impressed, though, and look forward to our next trip. And really look forward to April of 2008.

In other Nats new, I've been checking out a blog called Nats320, which is put together by some Nats fans in, you guessed it, section 320. They always have interesting stuff, and today there's a great post about one of the guys going to Memorial Stadium to see Frank Howard the year after the Senators moved to Texas. It brings back a lot of memories about trips to Memorial Stadium as a kid, and it's just a great read. So check it out. And Nats320, a tip of the hat (blue, not red) from section 212.

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