Wednesday, January 07, 2009

New Gourds
My favorite band, The Gourds, released a new disk yesterday, it's called Haymaker. I listened to part of it on my iPod while walking to the subway yesterday. Though it was cool, I was suprised at how long the first song was. Then I realized I had my iPod on repeat. Oops. So I haven't heard much more than the first song on the disk. But I'm sure the whole thing is great.

In celebration, here is them playing Lower 48. Not only is the musicianship excellent, but there is some great dancing by Kevin Russell, which further illustrates how he was robbed when he got beat out, by deadbeat Redskin Jason Taylor, in Dancing With the Stars. I think Kevin could have also had more than 3.5 sacks this year. He's big, but quick and crafty.


cleavers44 said...

Thanks for the heads-up. Looks like they'll be back at The State Theater on Friday, April 3rd.

tadcranky said...

Should be an excellent musical experience.

I watched a lot of that basketball game Saturday afternoon. I knew that breakdown at the end of the first half would hurt us...