Friday, January 16, 2009

It's Smithereens Day!
I'm going to see the Smithereens tonight at the State Theater in Falls Church. Accordingly, here's a fairly recent clip of them doing Room Without a View, at a club in Austin. Austin makes me think of this place. (I'll try to be home fairly early, so as not to clog up the roads for out of towners here for the inauguration.)


Shedd said...

How was the show?

tadcranky said...

It was cool, they started right at 9:00, mercifully, no opening band. Plowed through old stuff. Went crazy with Blood and Roses and House at the end, with some Who thrown in. No Beatles. I was expecting you to come in right as they started a half hour Beatles thing. The Thrilla from Manila talked to Curtis B., who seemed to have a good time. I was home by 11:30.