Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday Video: Wilco's Jeff Tweedy Punches an Interloper

At an October show in Springfield, Illinois, Jeff Tweedy and his Wilco cohorts are just getting into an encore edition of Airline to Heaven, when an overly enthusiastic fan hops on the stage. After the usual waving to his friends, he touches Tweedy in the face, which results in Jeff giving the guy a brief rendition of Wilco's new song, I Am Going to Punch You in the Face. There's another clip of right after this, where the famously troubled and self-loathing Tweedy self-loathes for a while ("I feel terrible, nobody wants to punch a guy in the face..."). I don't blame him. While I'm sure the interloper was no more dangerous than the Soy Bomb guy, who knows. As slim a possibility as it was, the guy could have been a representative of one of Tweedy's arch-enemies Jay Farrar or Jay Bennett, with who knows what kind of intentions.


cleavers44 said...

Cool. Maybe Eric Brace will dropkick somebody at one of the Iota shows this weekend too.

tadcranky said...

Actually, it's probably more likely that Big G will punch one of the Iota Talkers, as he threatened to do at a Billy Joe Shaver show. Speaking of Billy Joe, I hope people know about Squidbillies, an Adult Swim/Cartoon Network deal on Sunday nights. He does the theme song, and it's funny stuff.