Thursday, October 12, 2006

This and That
I've been slack the past week, but I'm back now, and there were a couple of things I wanted to note.

Monday Night Football - What a trainwreck. I think what Tony and Joe have is anti-chemistry. Theismann is so mean to Kornheiser, I'm actually starting to feel sorry for him. I loved when Tony suggested that the rain may make it harder for the quarterbacks to throw the ball. Joe immediately said that, no, actually it made it easier. Then Joe spent the rest of the game explaining himself, until late in the game when he finally gave up, and admitted that it was harder to throw a football when it's wet. Wasn't it fascinating to have a guy from Desperate Housewives in the booth? And then have Kornheiser sucking up to him? Wow.

Poor Dickey Betts - I had the tv on in my California hotel room last night, and heard the familiar strains of Blue Sky
, the Dickey Betts classic. I glanced up at the tv, and it was a commercial for Alrighty.

Baseball - Damn, the Tigers are good. The Cardinals are just not very good. I agree that the Mets hit like an American League team, but the Tigers have much better pitching, and they're clearly the best team to me. I wonder what the odds were at the beginning of the season that the Tigers would become World Champions.

My Stupidity - So I thought it would be nice to bring my girlfriend some bath stuff from the spa at the hotel I was staying at. I bought her some lotion and bath gel and salts. At about two hours before the crack of dawn this morning, I wrap up my packing, and put the bag from the spa in my carry-on, so I wouldn't have lotion and gels and salts all over my luggage. I get to the airport, check my bags, go to security, where two security guys are sitting at a table, when suddenly I recall the whole thing of how you can't take lotions and gels in your carry-on anymore. Oops. I get to the table, they ask if I have any gel or lotion, I say, uh, yeah, that's really all I have. They were very nice about it, and pointed out that the salts were OK. But I felt pretty dumb. Hopefully they were able to take the stuff to their girlfriends or wives. Damn terrorists.

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