Friday, October 27, 2006

Cougar, Fox Attempt to Ruin World Series
Despite the best efforts of the Cardinals and Tigers, I find that some of the enjoyment I usually get from the World Series has been diminished this year. And I blame John Cougar and Fox. I remember back in the early 80's, when John Cougar first thrust himself upon us -- a half-pint Indianan with a fake name, a mullet and a chip on his shoulder. He seemed harmless enough back then, you just kind of chuckled "This guy sucks," and changed the radio station. You didn't really have to worry about hearing him anyplace other than that, because most people agreed that he was a joke, so it's not like you ran the risk of hearing his music at any place where more than a few people with any type of musical taste would be. Unfathomably, more than twenty years later, every five minutes during the World Series, we're subjected to this lame ass pseudo-patriotic song that he wrote in about five minutes, and then convinced Fox and Chevrolet to burn onto the brains of millions of people who really just want to settle back and watch some good baseball. And who realize that it's probably not really our country, unless our last name happens to be Bush or we're part of the Exxon family. Didn't he already do this song, but it had some verses about how we were free and brave and lived in pink houses? I still haven't gotten my pink house.

Fox I blame for having the audacity to put him on live before the game on Sunday. Let's delay the first pitch even more so that some guy who's too disrespectful of the actual game to even get started on time can sing an extended version of a commercial that's going to play during every commercial break during a ball game for the next twenty years. And let's also subject everyone to Eric Byrnes and whatever that is on his head, who's so crazy that he has Kevin Kennedy looking at him like he's crazy. And Kevin Kennedy was the guy who thought it was a good idea to let Jose Canseco pitch. Brilliant.

It's almost enough to make me root for the Cardinals tonight, to end it all. Well, almost. I guess I'll turn the sound down.


cleavers44 said...

Look on the bright side - at least Lee Greenwood didn't appear too.

tadcranky said...

I was worried that John Ashcroft might make an appearance, with the Missouri thing and all...