Tuesday, September 19, 2006

New Nationals Stadium
Here's a photo of construction of the new Nationals stadium. This was taken after the Nationals game last Sunday. (They won, it was a great game.) That's my nephew Andy.

It's hard to tell what's going on with the construction. My guess is that the structure to the right of the picture is the part of the stadium that would be around home plate. Although, if the stadium is designed more like Camden Yards and less like most other baseball stadiums, it could be the other way around. I don't think so, though, I think batters will be trying to hit in the direction of South Capitol St.

We checked it out a couple of weeks ago, and progress has definitely been made since then. I'm hoping that, right behind Andy that's a prototype bathroom and not the real thing.

Our intention is to check out the progress every month or so. Andy's eleven years old and about five and a half feet tall. He'll definitely be a teenager, and probably pushing six feet by the time this is done. I think he'll survive the wait, though. Heck, I've been waiting for 35 years.

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