Thursday, September 21, 2006

Dangerous Connection Between Jocks and Buses
In Thursday's Washington Post, it was reported Tennessee Titans' tough guy coach Jeff Fisher responded to the contention of his former QB Billy Volek (traded recently to the Chargers) that he felt he was "thrown under the bus" by the Titans, by saying that, actually, it was Volek who threw the whole Titans organization under the bus.

Two things about this. First, if Volek threw the whole organization under the bus, he's got quite an arm and maybe the Redskins should have traded for him, given Mark Brunell's limitations.

Second, what the hell is up with all this throwing under buses?

Thursday there was an article in the New York Sun headlined The Yankee Way: Throw 'Em Under the Bus, about how his Yankee teammates threw ARod under the bus. The Windsor knot ARod used for his tie remained perfect, though. Ben Roethlisberger said that he wasn't going to throw Michelle Tafoya under the bus. Good thing, as Kornheiser was probably in the bus napping. Ozzie Gullen threw himself under the bus, to benefit his players. Ozzie's some guy. Art Shell's willing to do it for his boys, too. Tony LaRussa has recently thrown Jason Marquis under the bus. This was the right thing to do. If you've seen Marquis' numbers this year, it's surprising LaRussa didn't strangle him. TO, as we know, threw Donovan MacNabb under the bus. Afterwards, Donovan had some soup and felt better.

I guess if you're on his team, you don't have to worry about Mark Brunell throwing you under the bus. He'd throw you behind the bus. You'd just roll to the curb, and the bus would cruise on its way, the busdriver looking in the rear view mirror, chuckling about what a weak arm Brunell has. Brunell would then probably give you an earnest handshake, and tell you why he's not worried about it. John Patterson tried to throw someone under the bus, but he felt some twinges in his arm. When Chris Webber was a Wizard, one of the few things they didn't have to worry about with him was whether he'd throw someone under the bus, as one arm was usually mobilized while his separated shoulder was healing, and the other arm was involved in smoking-related activities.

So you would think DC's relatively safe, bus-wise. Not true, though, as Metro is developing a "Don't Chase the Bus" campaign, because last week there was a fatal accident where a poor guy trying to flag a a Metrobus fell under the bus, and was crushed.

So be careful out there, especially all you busdrivers.

And, again, if Jason Marquis was really thrown under a bus, he got off easy.

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