Sunday, September 24, 2006

Jackass Number Two
Four years after the first Jackass, it's remarkable that all of the guys are still alive, still in possession of all of their body parts and -- especially in the case of Steve-O -- not in jail. They're probably much richer, but they're still insane. And they've made another movie. Since the first movie, Bam Margera messed with his family on his tv show, Steve-O and Chris Pontius messed with animals on their tv show, and Johnny Knoxville, in perhaps the riskiest move, messed with his career, by starring in a whole series of lousy movies, culminating in the movie version of Dukes of Hazard, a movie that, hopefully, marked the end of remaking not particularly good television shows into really bad movies.

I saw the original Jackass when it first came out. I don't remember many of the details, so I was worried that I wouldn't understand all of Number Two. But that wasn't a problem. The Jackasses play around with explosives, snakes and various things that they can use as wheeled vehicles, as well as Bam's mom and a guy from Los Angeles who thinks Johnny Knoxville is smoking and drinking with his grandson.

Fame and wealth haven't made the guys less willing to risk life and limb, or to expose their bruised and burned butts to each other and the world, resulting in a pretty funny movie.

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