Sunday, February 18, 2007

Nick Johnson Status: Bad
This links to a video of Nick Johnson at Nats' spring training. Things get started by an intrepid reporter asking Nick if he feels that it's important for him to be here with his teammates, even though he's, ahem, not quite ready to play. Surprisingly, Nick says yes! What a great revealing moment in sports!

I know that Nick being in camp is the right thing to happen, but I'm sure it's not doing great things for the pysche of Austin Kearns, who was involved in the awful collision. Kearns needs to see Nick playing, not limping around and speculating.

The overall interview is certainly not very uplifting. Nick starts out seeming kind of depressed, and he's not very convincing at all when he says he thinks he'll be back by June. I think he's more likely to miss the whole season than to be back by June. Towards the end of the interview, he lightens up a little, which is good. But at the conclusion of the interview, we're given a close-up of him hobbling down the dugout stairs. As I said, not so uplifting.


cleavers44 said...

My bet is he'll be back in August. Who are they planning to put at first in the meantime?

Fortunately, the Manny Acta video from a few days ago is more positive (and pretty funny).

tadcranky said...

They've said Larry Broadway gets first shot. My thinking is that if he were good enough to hold down the job, he'd have been here already -- with a name like Larry Broadway. After that, I guess it's Meat Young or Robert Fick. I'm not sure about defense, but I can't imagine that Broadway is better than Young.