Friday, August 04, 2006

Walters Sacks Hasselbeck
So on The View yesterday, Barbara Walters told Elizabeth Hasselbeck to shut up and behave like a grown-up. It happened during a discussion of the "morning-after pill." In addition to Walters and Hasselbeck, the discussion also included Lisa Loeb, a singer who had a hit song in 1994, along with a woman who seems like, but I don't think is, Bette Midler. Elizabeth gives the usual pro-life arguments about the pill, in the face of several "what ifs" offered by Barbara, which have to do with the possibility of pregnancy by "wape," or the possibility of being impregnated by some "sex pervert." That kind of talk from her scared me. Barbara upbraids Elizabeth for her poor debate skills and lack of professionalism, and then they go to a break, during which, presumably, Elizabeth is sent to time out. When they return, however, all is well , as a tearful Elizabeth tries to sit in Barbara's lap, and says that she loves everyone, and please don't fire me like you did Star Jones. I don't know what happened to the table between the first and second clips. If this was September I'd suggest that maybe Rosie O'Donnell ate it.

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