Saturday, August 19, 2006

Pulse is a grainy movie that takes place in a college town where the students live in crappy apartments, but have great computers and fancy cell phones. And they're not afraid to use them. Kristen Bell, tv's Veronica Mars, plays Mattie, a psychology student whose dorm room is actually pretty nice. Mattie gets suspicious when her boyfriend Josh cold shoulders her, and then kills himself. This leads to the discovery that strange, ghostly figures are appearing on various computer screens, and they're scaring the hell out of people. These strange visitors also have the ability to animate walls and other things that are better left inanimate.

Mattie eventually teams up with Dexter who, like all of the other guys in the movie, doesn't know much about shaving, but knows a lot about computers. As Mattie and Dexter run around a lot, and witness a lot of scary deaths, we find out that this problem has become national, and that these beings can only be stopped by red utility tape, which leads to a lot of cool shots of light streaming through red windows. We worry about Mattie's mom, who's been trying to reach Mattie for a while, but that turns out to be a red herring. Dexter discovers something that looks like a zip drive, and figures out that Josh had been involved in some unsavory hacking that has unleashed these demons, or whatever they are, that literally suck the life right out of you. Mattie and Dexter hurry to use the zip drive looking thing to stop these zombies before life, as they know it, is reduced to ashes, and there is no chance for a Pulse II.

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