Friday, December 26, 2008

Holiday Sports Radio's Anti-Gift
I freely admit I have a sports radio compulsion. I have formerly XM, now XM/Sirius or whatever, in my car, and instead of listening to any of the great music stations that existed before the merger, I usually listened to sports talk. Since the merger, the good music stations are either gone or someplace that I can't find, yet the sports stations are the same. So I can find them. I'm partial to the baseball station, but during the holiday they run old stuff.

Consequently, I listen to Fox Sports Radio. Which is a mistake. That whole strategy of getting the dumbest former NFL players (James Washington, Lincoln Kennedy, Ray Buchanan) makes it a hard listen, at best. But things at Fox Sports Radio get worse every year about this time. When the first string guys are home for the holidays, Fox brings in a guy named Bruce Jacobs, who is the worst sports talk show host  ever.

Jacobs' schtick is this: He loves the New York Jets and hates everything that has to do with the Miami Dolphins. His hatred for the Dolphins outweighs his love for the Jets, so what you end up with is a radio show with a guy with one of those modified Wolfman Jack/NYC Shock Jock voices insulting Miami, with all the sophistication of the dumbest kid on the second grade playground. Dolphins fans are Stupid! They're Ugly! They're Unsophisticated!  And I don't like them!  That's it. However long his show is, that's what you get.

This afternoon, he was on with Buchanan, who was talking about what a nice season the Falcons have had. Such discussion didn't involve praising the Jets or bashing Miami, so Jacobs burst in to ask how many game the Falcons won last year -- 4 -- and how many games they've won this year -- 10. "That's a turnaround of 14 games," Jacobs ranted. "The Jets won 4 games last year and 9 games this year. That's a turnaround of 13, you should be talking about them, too!"

I think that would have been a turnaround of 5 games, Bruce, and when you were in second grade instead of making fun of Dolphins fans in your class, you should have been paying attention to math.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Bruce Jacobs is one of the BEST talk show hosts ever (unless you're a Yankees or Dolphins fan, I guess).